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Student services and support programs

Special Education Program

If you are looking for information about the support programs offered at Maryborough Central State School please visit contact our School Office to speak with our Principal, Deputy Principal or Head of Special Education Services.  We look forward to talking with you.  Thank you.


Hi! My name is Troy Brady and I am the Chaplain at Central State School. I thought I’d write a quick note to everyone to explain my role, and possible ways in which I am making myself useful around the school community! 

The attached statement is intentionally quite vague, mainly because of the recognition that each school is different and therefore the specific role and daily activities of the chaplain will vary between each school. 

Lunchtimes will be invaluable as far as getting to know students. I’ll be running around playing Tiggy, soccer, football, eating and making friends in all different areas of the playground. I’ll be particularly looking out for new students or students who seem to be by themselves. 

I will be available during teaching times if there are particular students who would benefit from working outside the classroom doing their work with me. 

Maybe some sort of ‘organised play’ during a set lunchtime designed to help students learn how to appropriately play and interact socially - more like mentoring than teaching. 

My role can also be to connect with students and their families, particularly foster families, or families going through hard times of loss, tragedy or divorce. Just a friendly face or an extra person who can be a friend and a positive influence to children during their primary school years. 

Wherever possible, I’d love to come along to any camps, excursions, presentations, sports days, leadership building activities. If you’re looking for someone to cheer in the audience, participate in activities, and generally be made a fool of…I’m your guy! 

I’ll be at Central 2 days a week , Wednesday and Thursday (I am at the Special school, Albert and St Helens the rest of the week ), but if there are special events or appointments on other days in the week please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to rearrange my schedule to be there! I’ll always try to communicate any changes to normal days well in advance. 

So there it is! The Chaplaincy service will obviously grow and develop as my time here progresses and as we get to know how the service can be best utilized.

Thanks! See you Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Troy Brady
School Chaplain
Maryborough Central State School